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About AnnMarie

St. Mary’s County has been home for me since August 1980. That’s when I married my college sweetheart Jerry, and moved to Leonardtown where he was born and raised. For all its natural character--the surrounding water, woods, fields, and small town feel--the one thing that appealed to me most was having extended family all around. While growing up in Charles County in the late 1960s and 1970s, that was the case there too. I really liked that my friends had so many cousins and aunts and uncles close by to them. Mine were far away in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Poland.

My family was fairly new to America making me both a great granddaughter and daughter of Polish immigrants to Pennsylvania. As I got older, I came to appreciate the visits to family when we’d make a weekend road trip north. I learned to be proud of all my heritage, American and Polish. When Sunday came, it was always good to get back home to Southern Maryland. I knew that here is where I wanted to be and where I wanted to start and raise my own family.

I owe being from Southern Maryland to my parents. After getting married, my parents, Stan & Eve moved from Pennsylvania to Washington, DC where my father worked as a draftsman at the naval gun factory. I was born Ann Marie Kozloski in DC, followed by my sister eighteen months later. Needing a bigger home, we moved to southern Prince George’s County, which had a DC zip code at that time. (Yes, it really did.) In 1962, my grandfather died, and my grandmother moved in with us. Less than a year later, my brother was born and my parents were again looking for a larger home. That new home was in Charles County where I entered third grade followed by nine years at the same school.

I graduated from Archbishop Neale High School in La Plata and attended Charles County Community College (now the College of Southern Maryland) on an academic scholarship. I was a representative on the Student Government Association and worked on the yearbook staff. After graduating with an Associate’s in General Studies, I transferred to Towson State University, Towson, Maryland and in 1980 earned a Bachelor’s in Economics and Political Science minor.

I married Jerry in August that same year, moved to St. Mary’s County and started a job as a contracted administrative assistant at Patuxent River. I held a few clerk-typist positions and eventually was hired into the Computer Sciences Directorate. There I worked as an analyst and trainer on computer information systems for both business and technical processes. Later, I earned a Master’s degree in Systems Management from the Florida Institute of Technology and graduated from the NAVAIR Senior Executive Management Development Program in 2002.

During my 34 year career with naval aviation, I was focused on the customer’s expectations and the processes that produced the products and delivered the services they were buying from the Navy. Looking back, I worked on many projects over three decades and I learned how important it is to know the who for and why for of my projects. The sailors and marines as well as the US taxpayers were my ultimate customers and I did my best to keep their interests in mind while doing my job to provide for them. Looking forward, I can bring this same purposeful dedication to the commissioners’ table for the citizens of St. Mary’s County.

While working at Patuxent River, I volunteered for my children’s schools and county organizations. I served as president of the Father Andrew White (FAW) SJ School’s Home and School Association 2000-2002, which raised funds to meet its $65,000 subsidy obligation for the school’s operating budget; and, the Parents & Teachers Association at Leonardtown Middle School serving as the Reflections Program Chair, 2002-2004. Most recently, I served as the St. Francis Xavier Newtowne Catholic Church representative to the FAW School Advisory Board, 2013-2016, that raised the funds and administered the installation of new playground structures to replace the aged and deteriorated ones.

I was a member of the St. Mary’s County Women’s Coalition that successfully lobbied the 1984 Maryland General Assembly to increase funding for Domestic Violence Programs at the county and state level. This led to a commissioner appointment on the county’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Board of Directors where I served as Secretary, 1984-1987. I had other commissioner appointments: Co-Chair, St. Mary’s Millennium Committee, 1999-2001 to celebrate the new millennium; and, the Naval Aviation Community Partner representative from Patuxent River on the St. Mary’s County’s Economic Development Commission, 2000-2002.

I live with my husband Jerry, a retired federal firefighter, who is still a volunteer firefighter, in Leonardtown. Together we have three sons—Brendan, Hollywood; Patrick, Lusby; and Evan, Leonardtown; and, four grandchildren. I enjoy spending time with my family, road trips with my husband, aqua exercise, gardening, reading history, studying the Polish language and researching my family’s genealogy.

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