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I’m focused on St. Mary’s County and the well-being of you, her citizens, the state of her natural resources, our continuing growth and her capacity and ability to handle and balance it now and into the future. I care about our quality of life and preserving all that’s good about our county.

There are many issues that affect our county and I’ll be addressing them here. All issues have pros and cons and many viewpoints and perspectives depending on where you sit on the issue. I want to make sure I understand all aspects of an issue, as best as I can, before taking a position on it. So, during the next few months, I’ll be learning more about these issues as well as many others.

Jobs, Skills Training, and Apprenticeships

Diverse economy -- new jobs unrelated to the naval base, our largest employer

Housing for moderate incomes



Improving our education system for the educators, students, and parents

Safe Schools


 Public Safety and Security

Opioid Crisis 


Improving our roads, bridges and public transportation to handle the increase in growing demands


Being good stewards of the land and water and preserving our rural character 


Of course, I know there’s more to this list that concerns our county. If you see that I’m missing an issue that you believe I should address or have an aspect of an issue that you want to share with me, please let me know by going to the Contact tab and completing the form. Then, I can take it into account in my written position statement on the issue. Thank you very much.  



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