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Hi! I'm AnnMarie Abell from Leonardtown, Maryland and I'm running for St. Mary's County Commissioner in the 2018 Election. I believe I'm being called to serve and represent the people of St. Mary's County at the commissioners’ table. I retired in 2015 from the naval base at Patuxent River having worked there for over 34 years.

I’m ready to serve at the commissioners’ table. I can bring a fresh perspective to the discussion, be that commissioner to challenge the status quo, listen to what St. Mary's citizens have to say, and offer new ideas this county needs.  

Our county is a place as much as it is a feeling. It’s a community made up of many smaller and diverse communities. We all know that our county is on pace to continue growing and more people will come here and decide to call St. Mary’s home. Many newcomers will adopt the spirit of our “born and raised” residents, follow in those footsteps and offer their energy, time and talent to their communities.

In St. Mary’s we care about each other and we do for each other when help is needed. It’s important that we keep nurturing this in ourselves and our children. We shouldn’t have to wait for something bad to happen to be there for our neighbors. Some of our neighbors are falling behind or having a hard time fully participating in the opportunities and benefits of our county’s economic growth.

I’m concerned about the lack of housing for families with moderate incomes and lack of new jobs not related to the naval base. I’m concerned about the increased stress on our roads, utilities, schools, and environment caused by this growth.

I know there are challenges with balancing today’s obligations with tomorrow’s needs in making decisions for our county’s future. We can preserve the many things we love about St. Mary’s County and still be prosperous.

Listening to you and working together to make sure our county is the best it can be for us, our children and grandchildren is a priority for me.

I hope you’ll find me worthy to represent you at the commissioners’ table.

AnnMarie Abell


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